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Yes, Your Website Needs a Terms of Use Policy

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Recently, we posted a blog laying out the importance of a website’s privacy policy.  A quality privacy policy, however, is only half of the equation when it comes to protecting your website.  To truly protect yourself and your business, you need a comprehensive agreement that legally binds your users and regulates their actions on… Read More »

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The Importance of a Privacy Policy

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

It is no secret that the public’s concerns over the use and protection of their personal data has intensified in recent years.  Today {companies, website owners, businesses} that collect the personal information of their {customers, clients, website visitors} are expected to establish and maintain detailed and effective plans to safeguard the storage and use… Read More »

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mediations and arbitrations

Pitfalls For Startups – Memorializing Co-Founder Intentions

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Business insiders and investors are well aware of the astronomical sums that many high-tech startup companies have been purchased for recently. Judging by headlines, it seems as if $1 Billion is the going rate for the acquisition of any hot new mobile app these days. Just look at Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram (roughly $1… Read More »

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