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Vicarious Liability: Can a Business Be Liable for the Tortious Acts of Employees?

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Every business relies on employees to use sound judgment and make responsible decisions within the scope of the employment. Effective employees work well under limited supervision, assist customers, help the business move towards its goals, and everyone benefits. What happens when employees act unreasonably, out of the scope of employment, and, as a result, damage… Read More »

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liability for third party harassment

Uber’s Legal Issues Are Not Unique

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

…Your Business Will Face Them Too Small technology companies and young tech-world entrepreneurs probably look at Uber and dream of what could be. In many ways, Uber is a model of business success.  However, in the last few years Uber has been subject to class action wage and salary lawsuits (unpaid overtime, misclassification of workers) in… Read More »

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Business Agreements

Contractor Liable Under MGL 93A Despite Homeowner Directive To ‘Do it Anyway’

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Home Improvement Contractor Liability Under MGL 93A Home Improvement Contractors have had a rough year when it comes to burdens of liability under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A. See “Contractor’s Failure to Register Gave Rise to Treble Damages, Attorney’s Fees & Costs”. This past week, the Massachusetts Appeals Court piled on another layer of… Read More »

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Boston Businesses & Beyond, Beware – Overtime Laws Are Changing Again!

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Boston-based businesses and beyond should be aware, be very aware – the federal government is changing overtime laws again! Revisions to what is titled the Federal Labor Standards Act (or FLSA) are expected to take effect by the end of next year. For small and mid-sized employers today, that may mean rethinking that new… Read More »

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