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Monthly Archives: October 2018


Minutebooks: How Avoiding Seemingly Mundane Paperwork Can Cost Your Business Dearly

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Corporate entities must be sure to keep excellent paper records which are orderly and up-to-date. Failure to properly maintain corporate business records creates unnecessary problems with the IRS, jeopardizes the limitation of liability for corporate officers, and hurts your business’s reputation with potential buyers or lenders. A typical minutebook should include at a minimum:… Read More »

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Considerations to Remember When Vetting Prospective Employees

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Due to workplace safety concerns, background screening is a universal practice for employers. Companies must know that applicants possess the promised credentials, do not have a history of fraud/theft, and will not pose a threat to others. However, Massachusetts public policy often leans in favor of employees at the expense of employers. Criminal record… Read More »

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An Update Regarding Arbitration Clauses For Employment:Independent Contractor Agreements

An Update Regarding Arbitration Clauses For Employment/Independent Contractor Agreements

By The Jacobs Law, LLC |

Many business owners have multiple employees and/or rely on independent contractors to perform services related to their business. Anyone who has sought legal counsel from The Jacobs Law LLC on the use of independent contractors (especially in Massachusetts) knows that doing so is a legal minefield. (Here is an old blog we wrote on… Read More »

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